Economic Plague Series - 1/10

International boycott of American products in response to its
current and historical crimes against humanity.
Product 1 : Coca Cola


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Social Media 

All you have to do is @cocacola and HasHtag #Boycott4Justice . You can also add pictures and videos or yourself saying no to Coke or disposing of the product if you already have it in your home. Feel free to get creative.

02. Black Business 

As well as creating a list of companies who we will be withdrawing financial support for, we will be creating a market place for products that cater to the needs and empowerment of black people. If you have a business that fits this criteria and would like to be involved please sign up below

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03. donate 4 justice
& Our Demand 

The real fight for justice takes place on the legal battlefield. However, many of the families of those who have lost their lives at the hands of the police have been unable to pursue justice due to economic barriers. Organizations such as the The Equal Justice Institute have been doing the vital work for years to support these families in the United States and the OCAAT initiative has also been set up to do similar work in the United Kingdom. These are the organizations on the front line for Justice and need our support. The companies on our boycott list will only be removed once they have made
a significant long term commitment to these organizations.
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Support the EJI (USA)

Support the OCAAT Initiative (UK)